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The Fed will not move based on US macro data, but as a reaction to th... Daniel Lacalle 17/09
Apple's €13 billion tax bill from Brussels will be heard in the EU ... LiveSquawk 17/09
$BA - FAA chief to test 737 MAX software changes Breaking News 17/09
Riksbank Minutes: Low Interest Rates Abroad And Worsened Sentiment Me... LiveSquawk 17/09
Swedish Unemployment Rate Aug 7.1% (est 6.3%; prev 6.9%) -Swedish Une... LiveSquawk 17/09
Ex-Spy Chief Says Merkel's Open Border Policy Created "Security Crisi... zerohedge 17/09
GOLD Weekly: The #CME Group is getting set to launch a new Shanghai $... AxiTrader 17/09
18:15 BST #OOTT LiveSquawk 17/09
$MTCH - Tinder wraps up filming first video series Breaking News 17/09
Presser today with the Saudi Energy minister in Jeddah at 8:15pm loca... Summer Said 17/09
Want to understand the issues at stake in today’s @UKSupremeCourt h... Anand Menon 17/09
"eurusd market extremely wide this morning - driven by the panic in t... Martin Enlund ?? ?? 17/09
#PBOC kept the rate on MLF unchanged at 3.3% on Tue, indicating an in... YUAN TALKS 17/09
Spanish Labour Costs (Y/Y) Q2 2.4% (prev 2.1%) LiveSquawk 17/09
Hora Moeda Import Evento Atual Projeção Prévio
09:30 CAD Vendas de Manufaturados (Mensal) (Jul) -1,3% -0,3% -1,4%
11:00 USD Ìndice NAHB de Mercado Imobiliário (Set) 66 66
11:30 NZD Índice de preços do GlobalDairy Trade -0,4%

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